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Geotechnical Engineering

Avaabi Consulting Ltd possesses expertise in the following non-exhaustive areas of geotechnical engineering: site characterization and soil surveys,
shallow and deep foundations, retaining wall design, slope stability, reinforced slopes, seismic assessments and liquefaction, ground improvements,
geotechnical instrumentation and monitoring, geotechnical asset and data management, field verification of capacity,
geotechnical field inspections and foundation integrity evaluation.

We currently provide the following geotechnical services:

Subject Matter Expert Consultation

This represents a valuable intersection of knowledge and collaboration, where specialized insight and expertise can be sought and shared. We provide counsel based on our extensive knowledge, informed perspectives, and deep experience in the geotechnical domain. Through this consultative process, our clients can tap into our wealth of understanding, leveraging our expertise to inform decision making, solve complex problems, and drive meaningful progress on their projects.

Quality Assurance / Quality Control

We have a unique insight into the needs and expectations of government clients based on our founder’s work experience with GDOT. This puts us in a position to provide QA/QC services, where we proactively keep up with rigorous standards, guidelines, and policies, and perform meticulous technical reviews to examine and verify conformity, delivering a standard of uncompromising diligence.
With us as your QA/QC partner, you are guaranteed unwavering quality, which instills confidence and drives continuous improvement, elevating the reliability and trustworthiness of project outcomes.

Soil Survey Studies

Soil survey studies represent the foundational exploration essential for navigating the intricate terrain of infrastructure development. These studies entail a meticulous examination of the Earth's composition, probing beneath its surface to unveil the geological intricacies that shape its stability and suitability for construction. With a shared commitment to precision and safety, geotechnical engineers at Avaabi work closely with highway design counterparts to harmonize their expertise, blending geological and geotechnical insight with design ingenuity to chart a course that balances functionality, resilience, and environmental stewardship.
In essence, soil survey studies stand as the cornerstone of informed decision-making, guiding the collaborative efforts of engineers as they craft highways that seamlessly integrate with the natural landscape while ensuring enduring performance and public safety.

Support Services

We supplement our clients' resources by providing on-demand consultant talent, tailored to their specific needs.

We currently provide the following support service:

Staff Augmentation

We currently provide this service for diverse professional roles. This embodies our commitment to comprehensive assistance in every facet of project execution. By bridging talent gaps and enhancing project capabilities, we foster efficiency, innovation, and success for our clients, providing the vital resources needed to propel their vision forward.

Construction Services

Avaabi Consulting Ltd offers comprehensive quality assurance and control services throughout
all project construction phases, ensuring impeccable standards and specification compliance.

We currently provide the following construction services:

Construction Materials Testing (CMT)

This encompasses a suite of essential testing procedures designed to ensure the durability, safety, and compliance of materials used in road, bridge, and other infrastructure construction projects. Through rigorous testing protocols, including assessments of asphalt, concrete, soil, aggregates, and more, these services guarantee that materials meet stringent regulatory standards and project specifications.
By conducting comprehensive analyses, such as compaction, strength, density, moisture, and much more tests and evaluations, construction materials testing services play a pivotal role in enhancing the longevity and performance of transportation and other infrastructure, safeguarding public safety and investment.

Construction Engineering and Inspection (CEI)

We provide critical oversight and support throughout the construction phase of road, bridge, and other infrastructure projects. From construction inception to completion, these services ensure adherence to design specifications, regulatory requirements, and industry best practices.
Skilled engineers and inspectors provide on-site supervision, quality control, and documentation, verifying the integrity of construction materials, adherence to safety protocols, and compliance with project schedules.
By facilitating seamless coordination between stakeholders, resolving construction challenges, and conducting thorough inspections, these services uphold the quality, safety, and efficiency of transportation and other infrastructure projects, ultimately enhancing their long-term performance and reliability.